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When it comes to classic style with a modern twist, mastering how to wear a cardigan men will find both timeless and trendy is key. This versatile piece transcends seasons and occasions, offering warmth, comfort, and a touch of sophistication.

Whether you’re layering for the office or styling for a weekend getaway, we’ll guide you through 15 distinctive ways to wear a cardigan that caters to every man’s wardrobe needs. Get ready to embrace the cardigan’s versatility and learn to make this knitwear staple your own.

  • What Pieces Go Well with a Cardigan: Crisp shirts, relaxed t-shirts, sturdy jeans, smart trousers, and casual footwear.
  • Colors That Work with a Cardigan: Neutral tones like white and beige, earthy hues like olive and camel, deep shades like navy, and vibrant colors like yellow for a pop of personality.

The cardigan has a storied history in men’s fashion, originating from military wear and evolving into a symbol of collegiate prep and laid-back sophistication.

When considering the do’s and don’ts of cardigan-wearing, it’s essential to focus on fit—neither too tight nor too baggy—and to evaluate the occasion, ensuring the cardigan’s formality matches the setting. Let’s dive into the versatility and style of this wardrobe cornerstone.


The Cardigan Comeback: Rethinking Men’s Classic Layers

A fashion-forward man strides confidently outdoors, wearing a chunky olive cardigan over a white shirt, paired with cuffed jeans, patterned socks, brown boots, a navy cap, and a tote bag, exemplifying a contemporary way to wear a cardigan in men's fashion.

The timeless cardigan makes a strong statement in men’s fashion, offering both warmth and sophistication. In this look, the chunky olive cardigan pairs harmoniously with a crisp white shirt, creating a smart-casual juxtaposition that is both eye-catching and practical.

The ensemble works well due to the balance of formality with the shirt and relaxed comfort with the cardigan. It’s a versatile choice that transitions seamlessly from a casual office to a weekend brunch, proving that the cardigan is an essential layering piece for the modern man.

The rolled-up jeans and patterned socks inject a dash of playful personality into the outfit, while the sturdy brown boots and the casual cap suggest a readiness for the day’s adventures.

This thoughtful combination showcases how a cardigan can be the centerpiece of a functional and stylish outfit. The look is completed with a sleek tote bag, adding a touch of urban sophistication and demonstrating the cardigan’s adaptability across various men’s styles.


The Sophisticated Sip: Mastering the Cardigan in Men’s Style

A stylish man takes a relaxed stance while sipping coffee, wearing a camel cardigan over a chambray shirt with rolled-up green trousers and suede boots, embodying a comfortable yet sophisticated approach to men's fashion with a cardigan.

This ensemble showcases the timeless appeal of a men’s cardigan, harmonizing comfort with a touch of elegance. The long-line, camel-toned cardigan adds depth and warmth to the outfit, perfect for a crisp day.

It’s layered over a classic buttoned chambray shirt, which provides a subtle texture contrast. This pairing is not only comfortable for an indoor setting but also exudes a relaxed sophistication. It’s an ideal combination for the gentleman who appreciates a smart yet non-restrictive wardrobe, perfect for transitioning from a home office to an evening out.

The earthy green trousers complement the neutral cardigan, grounding the outfit with a hint of color while maintaining an overall muted palette. Desert boots in suede continue the theme of understated class, and the rolled cuff on the trousers adds a casual flair, signifying an attention to detail.

Together, these elements illustrate how a cardigan can be the centerpiece of a chic, yet approachable, ensemble suitable for various occasions. The outfit balances traditional masculine style with modern comfort, demonstrating how to wear a cardigan with effortless panache.


Cardigan Craft: A Modern Guide to Men’s Knitwear

A man in a spacious room stands contemplatively, styled in a burnt orange men's cardigan sweater and light blue jeans, finished with desert boots, epitomizing a relaxed yet fashionable approach to wearing a cardigan sweater in men's fashion.

Embracing a men’s cardigan sweater as a fashion focal point is effortlessly showcased in this contemporary look. The cardigan’s rich, burnt orange hue delivers a warm, autumnal vibe, contrasting beautifully against the light wash of the blue jeans.

This pairing exemplifies how to wear a men’s cardigan sweater confidently, blending a bold color choice with classic denim for a casual yet striking outfit. The cardigan’s relaxed fit invites comfort without sacrificing a sleek silhouette, making it a versatile option for various occasions.

Complementing the cardigan, the light-colored boots extend the casual theme while adding a thoughtful touch, bridging the gap between relaxed weekend wear and weekday smart casual.

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The ensemble’s success lies in its simplicity and the thoughtful coordination of colors that feel both fresh and timeless. It perfectly illustrates how a men’s cardigan sweater can be a statement piece and a seamless addition to a modern wardrobe.


Denim & Knit: A Timeless Duo in Men’s Fashion

A stylish man poses thoughtfully outdoors, modeling a grey men's cardigan layered over a cream turtleneck, paired with dark blue jeans and brown leather boots, accessorized with a beret and a leather bag, exemplifying a refined approach to wearing a cardigan with jeans in men's fashion.

Pairing a men’s cardigan with jeans is a timeless expression of style that balances casual with a hint of sophistication. The chunky grey cardigan in this ensemble exudes comfort and texture, easily thrown over a cream turtleneck for a look that’s perfect for cooler days.

The dark wash jeans provide a sleek, modern contrast, proving that classic denim is the ideal companion to the cardigan’s traditional knit.

Accessorizing is key in elevating this look; the brown leather boots and matching vintage bag introduce a rustic element, while the beret adds a touch of artistic flair.

This look captures the essence of how to wear a men’s cardigan with jeans, blending effortless style with functional layers that are as practical as they are fashionable.


Earthy Elegance: The Art of the Brown Cardigan

A man exudes casual sophistication in his home, wearing a brown cardigan over a hoodie with olive trousers, complemented by classic sneakers, a vintage cap, and a relaxed pose, embodying the perfect balance of comfort and style in men's fashion.

Understanding how to wear a brown cardigan men find both versatile and stylish is beautifully demonstrated in this look. The deep, earthy tone of the cardigan from Universal Works is a natural fit for any wardrobe, pairing seamlessly with the casual olive Gramicci trousers.

The hoodie from H&M under the cardigan adds an extra layer of warmth and a relaxed, urban touch, perfect for a laid-back day or a casual outing.

The ensemble is thoughtfully accessorized with an Ebbets Field flannels cap that adds a vintage vibe, while the classic AJ1 sneakers inject a sporty, streetwise edge.

This outfit is a masterclass in casual comfort, blending the soft textures of the brown cardigan with the relaxed fit of the trousers and the snug feel of the hoodie. It’s an effortlessly cool approach that resonates with the modern man’s desire for functional yet fashionable clothing.


Verdant Visions: Styling a Green Cardigan for the Modern Gentleman

how to style a cardigan men

The green cardigan is a versatile and vibrant addition to men’s fashion, and this outfit illustrates how to wear a green cardigan men can adapt for various occasions.

The rich shade of green adds a pop of color that enhances the outfit without overwhelming it. It’s smartly paired with a classic striped shirt, providing a subtle pattern contrast that’s stylish and understated. The combination balances formality with a playful character, ideal for those who appreciate a dash of color in their wardrobe.

The ensemble is completed with well-fitted khaki trousers that complement the green cardigan, creating a grounded and cohesive look. The addition of brown leather shoes and a coordinating flat cap introduces a vintage edge, demonstrating how traditional pieces can be refreshed for contemporary style.

This look achieves an effortless elegance, showing that a green cardigan can be the cornerstone of a smart casual outfit that exudes confidence and sartorial savvy.


Navy Knit: Mastering the Blue Cardigan in Urban Menswear

A man stands confidently in an industrial setting, sporting a stylish blue cardigan over a white tee, paired with matching trousers and trendy sneakers, encapsulating a modern approach to sporting a blue cardigan in men's fashion.

This outfit exemplifies how to wear a blue cardigan men can integrate into a modern wardrobe with ease. The navy cardigan is a quintessential layering piece that offers versatility and warmth, making it ideal for transitional weather.

Its deep blue hue pairs effortlessly with the darker palette of the ensemble, creating a seamless look. The texture and ribbed detailing of the cardigan add depth to the outfit, balanced by the simplicity of the crisp white tee underneath.

The look is casual yet polished, completed with relaxed navy joggers that match the tone of the cardigan, creating a monochromatic effect. The addition of athletic sneakers introduces a sporty dynamic, showcasing the cardigan’s ability to adapt to a more laid-back style.


Shawl Sophistication: Reinventing the Cardigan in Modern Menswear

A man exudes effortless style in an urban setting, wearing a textured shawl collar cardigan over a plaid shirt, paired with light-wash jeans, a flat cap, and sleek white sneakers, perfectly blending traditional and modern elements in men's fashion.

The shawl collar cardigan from Bonne Gueule is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic knitwear in men’s fashion. This particular outfit masterfully exhibits how to wear a men’s shawl collar cardigan with a comfortable and contemporary twist.

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The warm, textured knit of the cardigan provides a perfect counterpoint to the clean lines of the Orslow jeans, creating an equally suitable ensemble for a casual workplace or a weekend retreat. The cardigan’s open front and shawl collar frame the layered Later Project plaid shirt and Good On t-shirt, adding depth and visual interest.

Complementing this timeless piece, the Drapeau Noir cap and Axel Arigato sneakers bring an urban touch to the look while maintaining a sophisticated palette that exudes casual elegance.

This outfit works well for its fashion-forward sensibility and its functional comfort, proving that a shawl collar cardigan can be a stylish cornerstone of a modern man’s wardrobe.


Mellow Yellow: Brightening Up Men’s Fashion with a Cardigan

A man stands on a woodland path, fashionably dressed in a bright yellow cardigan over a white shirt, paired with blue jeans and black loafers, showcasing how to stylishly incorporate a yellow cardigan into men's fashion.

Navigating how to wear a yellow cardigan for men can be challenging, but this outfit illustrates it with flair and ease.

The vibrant yellow cardigan becomes the centrepiece, injecting a cheerful brightness into the ensemble that’s hard to overlook. It’s a bold choice that pays off, especially when tempered with the classic simplicity of a crisp white shirt and relaxed blue jeans.

This look strikes a balance between a statement piece and understated essentials, making it accessible for those looking to add a pop of color to their wardrobe.

The outfit’s success lies in its playful approach to color and classic styling. The yellow cardigan not only adds visual interest but also complements the natural tones of the outdoor setting.

Paired with sturdy black loafers, the overall look is comfortable and stylish, embodying a casual sophistication that’s perfect for various occasions, from a weekend stroll to a casual meet-up.


Nautical Nuance: A Fresh Take on the Navy Cardigan

A man leans against a textured wall, styled in a classic navy cardigan over a white t-shirt, paired with dark jeans and white sneakers, reflecting a modern approach to wearing a navy cardigan in men's everyday fashion.

The navy cardigan is a staple in men’s fashion, and this look captures the essence of how to wear a navy cardigan men can easily replicate for an everyday style.

The cardigan’s deep blue shade offers a versatile base that pairs effortlessly with the casual white tee and dark denim, creating a look that’s both classic and laid-back. This cardigan’s knit and relaxed fit provides comfort without compromising style, ideal for a weekend outing.

The outfit is given a contemporary edge with clean, white sneakers, which keep the look fresh and modern. A light-colored cap adds a sporty touch, further casualizing the ensemble.

This combination showcases the navy cardigan as a functional and fashionable piece that transitions smoothly from season to season, cementing its status as a wardrobe essential for the stylish man.


Cozy Couture: Elevating Everyday Style with a Cardigan

furry cardigan styling men

Crafting the right look with a cardigan requires a balance of texture, color, and proportion. This outfit masterfully addresses how to wear a cardigan men worldwide can emulate for a sophisticated yet relaxed appearance.

The standout feature here is the cardigan’s bold pattern and plush texture, which add a luxurious touch to the simple, monochromatic base layers. Its oversized fit creates a modern silhouette while providing comfort and ease of movement.

The ensemble is grounded by classic black trousers and sleek leather shoes, creating a seamless transition from the statement cardigan to the rest of the outfit.

This pairing is a prime example of how a cardigan can be both a focal point and a complementary piece, adaptable to various settings and personal styles. It’s a testament to the cardigan’s versatility and enduring place in men’s fashion.


Subtle Charm: Mastering the Beige Cardigan Look

A man stands against a textured stone wall, wearing an oatmeal beige cardigan layered over a dark shirt, paired with blue jeans and brown boots, embodying a refined yet relaxed approach to men's cardigan fashion.

Navigating the nuances of neutral palettes, this look captures the essence of how to wear a beige cardigan men can feel both comfortable and stylish in.

The soft beige cardigan offers a light, versatile layer that complements the deeper tones of the inner shirt, creating a sophisticated contrast. Its relaxed fit and ribbed texture add a touch of casual elegance, perfect for a smart-casual dress code or a relaxed weekend brunch.

The pairing with classic blue jeans anchors the cardigan in timeless style, while the choice of brown boots adds a rugged edge to the softness of the beige.

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The ensemble is an excellent display of how a beige cardigan can serve as a foundational piece for building an understated yet nuanced look, ideal for the fashion-conscious individual.


Elevated Ease: The Button-Up Cardigan Revolution

A man leans in a doorway with a smile, sporting a navy button-up cardigan over a chambray shirt, paired with olive trousers and tan loafers, topped with a casual baseball cap, melding classic and contemporary elements in men's fashion.

The button-up cardigan is a timeless piece in men’s fashion, and this outfit showcases how to wear a button-up cardigan for men with effortless charm.

The navy cardigan is smartly paired with a casual button-down, creating a layered look that is both polished and approachable. This versatile combination is perfect for transitional weather, offering enough warmth without the bulk, and the clean lines of the cardigan give it a modern edge.

Completing the look, the olive trousers and suede loafers bring in an earthy contrast, while the baseball cap adds a playful, sporty twist. This ensemble is a testament to the versatility of the button-up cardigan, proving it can be laid-back and sophisticated, making it essential for the modern man’s wardrobe.


Layered Perfection: A Cardigan and Collar Shirt Ensemble

A stylish man leans against a grey wall, wearing a patterned cardigan over a light blue collar shirt with navy trousers and white sneakers, showcasing how to wear a collar shirt under a cardigan for a fashionable, casual men's look.

Mastering the classic style of how to wear a collar shirt under a cardigan, men often seek a balance between sophistication and ease. This outfit hits the mark with its eye-catching patterned cardigan layered over a crisp, blue-collar shirt.

The combination is a nod to preppy aesthetics with a twist of modernity. The cardigan’s rich texture and detailed design add depth and character to the simple elegance of the shirt, making it a perfect choice for both office wear and social gatherings.

The smart casual look combines tailored navy trousers and contemporary sneakers, blending traditional tailoring with athleisure.

This pairing suggests a relaxed confidence and shows that a cardigan can be both a statement piece and a complement to the understated chic of a collared shirt. The outfit is an excellent example of transitional dressing, adaptable for various occasions and seasons.


Knit Prowess: Cardigan Styling for the Modern Man

A stylish man in a boutique takes a selfie, wearing a textured grey cardigan paired with a white tee, cuffed jeans, white sneakers, and a purple beanie, showcasing a casual yet chic approach to men's cardigan fashion.

Understanding how to wear a cardigan men can seamlessly integrate into their daily wardrobe is exemplified in this effortlessly cool ensemble. The textured grey cardigan is a versatile layering piece that exudes comfort and style.

Its chunky knit pattern and classic button-up design make it an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit. The cardigan is the outfit’s statement piece, paired with a simple white tee.

Complementing the laid-back yet put-together vibe, the cuffed dark jeans and crisp white sneakers offer relaxed refinement. The playful addition of a purple beanie adds a pop of color and a touch of youthful edge.

This look demonstrates the cardigan’s ability to adapt to various styles, making it a staple for any man’s fashion arsenal.

Final Thoughts on How To Wear a Cardigan Men

In conclusion, the cardigan remains an undiminished icon in men’s fashion, offering endless versatility and ease of wear. From the chunky knit’s warmth to the shawl collar’s polished look, the cardigan adapts to various styles and occasions.

Remember to pair it with complementary pieces, respect the color palette that suits your style, and wear it confidently. Whether it is a casual outing or a semi-formal event, the cardigan can elevate your ensemble with a touch of timeless elegance. So, embrace the cardigan’s legacy and make it your own—after all, it’s not just about how to wear a cardigan men, it’s about how you make the cardigan a statement of your style.

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