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The Versatile Man is a men’s fashion blog guided by artificial intelligence and the insight gained from these images.

A Note To Our Readers

Firstly, and most importantly; you our readers- the below does not affect our editorial content- we only work with brands we believe in, and think you will appreciate. We never put money before your best interests, but please remember we need to make a living and pay for the upkeep of The Versatile Man.

Why The Versatile Man?

Why you should advertise on The Versatile Man? Simply have a look around our online blog and if you feel your brand fits and would like it seen by our dynamic male readership- please get in touch and we’ll sort out the rest.

Sponsored Posts

The Versatile Man is open to Sponsored Posts- providing the content will be appreciated by our readers. Sponsored Posts will be clearly marked ‘In partnership with’. We do not offer paid for SEO linking posts.

Unique Partnership

As a progressive entity The Versatile Man are always open to creative ideas and suggestions- we are happy to push the boat out, and carve out new ideas.


The Versatile Man on occasion incorporates affiliate links from Skimlinks which pay us a small percentage every time you buy something, via a link on The Versatile Man. We only link to brands that are appropriate, and never do so solely for financial gain.

Banner Advertising Campaigns

Banner advertising campaigns are handled in house by The Versatile Man. Please get in touch for details about both UK and Rest of the World advertising campaigns.