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As a bald man myself, I have always found it difficult to find a collection of stylish looks specifically curated for my fellow bald folks. Bald men fashion is different because a bald head changes the aesthetic quite a bit. Depending on the tone of your skin, this can have a dramatic effect.

I curated a ton of different looks for bald men style and I found a few things that help identify what makes for a good outfit bald men can bank on going forward.

After looking at hundreds of AI-generated images for bald men fashion and how to dress bald, I concluded the biggest difference is the models rarely wear white sneakers. Compared to our hairy-headed counterparts, where white sneakers go with every possible style combination, white sneakers seem to be avoided by bald men. I believe this is because of the bald head. This is different for darker-toned men. For white bald dudes, this is the case. Darker-toned bald guys can do most styles the hairy-headed people can. Bald man style can be a fickle beast.

This was news to me, so maybe this is a revelation for you as well. Brown and black shoes are the most common color choices of shoes for bald men. While some still opt for white sneakers, and I include some examples below, they are much less worn than brown and black shoes or colorful sneakers.

The obvious bald fashion styles pair well with a beard and a more bulky/muscular aesthetic. So keep that in mind as well.

Sunglasses are also super common when these models are being styled.

And the pants are ALMOST ALWAYS cropped to show a bit of ankle or cuffed to show an ankle. Not sure why that is, but it’s a never miss. Something like 95% of the images I generated had cropped or cuffed pants. Strange considering the lack of white sneakers, but I’m interested.

Long sleeve crew neck sweaters and sports coats are popular and add some busyness, taking the eyes downward away from the bald and shiny head. If you’re going to take just one of our fashion tips for bald men from this article, take this one.

Staying away from exposed skin under V-Neck sweaters is good because the V-Neck shows more skin near the upper part of the torso, and we are trying to avoid that since our bald head is already exposed. That is why the beard and crew neck style cover up more skin. Also, tattoos can change this if you have neck or chest, or sleeve tattoos.


Bald Brilliance: Confidence Meets Classic Tailoring

Bald man confidently wearing a navy blazer, vibrant plaid shirt, gray trousers, and black loafers in a well-decorated room.

Embracing a bald look can be a bold fashion statement in itself, and when paired with the right ensemble, it can radiate immense confidence. Here, the choice of a vibrant plaid shirt beneath a sleek navy blazer exhibits a blend of casual and formal. The gray trousers anchor the outfit, and the black loafers offer a touch of timeless elegance. It’s an embodiment of sophistication that transcends hair trends, proving that style is all about attitude.


Bald & Bold: Florals and Freshness

Bald man in a floral shirt, dark jeans, and white sneakers, confidently posing in front of a vibrant blue and red backdrop.

Rocking a bald look is all about owning it with confidence, and this ensemble does just that. The floral print shirt is a summer standout, adding a splash of color and casual flair. Paired with dark jeans, the contrast is both sharp and stylish. The clean white sneakers round out the urban vibe, and the shades provide that extra dash of cool. It’s a look that says bald is not just an attribute – it’s an attitude.


Sleek Sophistication: Tailoring Bald Men Style to Perfection

A bald man exuding confidence in men's fashion stands with his bicycle, wearing a navy cardigan over a blue shirt and white trousers, a perfect example of refined bald men style.

For men embracing the suave appeal of a clean-shaven head, this ensemble is an exemplary manifestation of bald men style, showcasing how sartorial choices can complement personal grooming to create a powerful presence.

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The crispness of the dark navy cardigan layered over a light blue button-up shirt provides a smart contrast that’s both professional and stylish. The combination is intentional: dark hues near the face draw attention upwards, harmonizing with the bald aesthetic and emphasizing a confident, polished look.

The outfit is neatly anchored with a pair of pristine white trousers, offering a fresh, modern twist to the classic business-casual attire. This clean palette allows for versatility in accessorizing, while the simple yet sharp footwear choice underscores the outfit’s overall sleekness.

It’s a testament to how clothing can enhance bald men style, creating an aura of sophistication that’s undeniably fashion-forward.


The Bald Statement: A Definitive Guide to Bald Men Fashion

A bald man with a fashionable beard leans confidently against a post, dressed in a navy blazer, striped shirt, and khaki trousers, perfectly encapsulating bald men fashion with a touch of urban sophistication.

Bald men fashion is about creating a look that complements the sharpness of a clean-shaven head with equally sleek wardrobe choices.

This gentleman’s ensemble, featuring a classic navy blazer over a striped Breton shirt, is a prime example of bald fashion done right.

The structured jacket and horizontal stripes work together to balance the proportions, drawing the eye horizontally and offering a subtle nod to timeless nautical style. The look is both sophisticated and approachable, embodying a sense of confidence and ease that’s essential for the fashion-forward bald man.

The outfit’s neutral khaki trousers and leather loafers anchor the look in versatility and comfort, suitable for both professional and casual settings. This sartorial choice showcases how bald men can fashion their outfits with a mix of classic elements and personal flair.

The strategic use of layers and textures in the outfit not only adds depth but also serves as a stylish complement to the bald aesthetic, proving that confidence and a keen eye for detail are at the heart of bald fashion.


Effortless Edge: Nailing Casual Fashion for Bald Guys

casual bald fashion men

This ensemble is an excellent demonstration of casual fashion for bald guys, emphasizing how a well-considered outfit can complement the clean lines of a shaved head.

The juxtaposition of a relaxed navy jacket over a timeless striped tee creates an effortlessly stylish look that’s perfect for a laid-back day out.

The simplicity of the outfit plays well with the no-fuss aesthetic of being bald, making it a comfortable yet cool choice for the modern man.

The fashion for bald men is about embracing confidence with style choices that reflect personality. Here, the classic cut of the blue jeans paired with crisp white sneakers offers a nod to timeless casual wear while keeping the look fresh and contemporary.

The inclusion of a vintage camera as an accessory adds a personal touch that ties the outfit together, showcasing a hobby or passion, which is often a cornerstone of individual style.


Refined and Bald: A Style Guide for the Modern Man

lastrolab 1648808247 2806729468150021192 207472777

This gentleman’s attire is a perfect illustration of fashion for bald men, where every element of the outfit is chosen to enhance and complement the sleekness of a bald head.

The tailored, earth-toned blazer layered over a classic v-neck sweater exudes a smart sophistication that aligns seamlessly with the clean lines that bald style affords. The smart casual aesthetic is effortlessly achieved through the careful balance of textures and colors that exude a natural confidence and maturity.

Bald man fashion isn’t just about the clothes; it’s about the overall presence. Here, the choice of crisp blue jeans and suede shoes contributes to an outfit that’s both approachable and refined, demonstrating that bald fashion style doesn’t compromise on trendiness.

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Additionally, the pairing underscores the concept of a bald outfit as a statement of intentional style, showing how a polished appearance can be perfectly attained.

1. Black Skinny Jeans


Bald men fashion is all about rocking stylish clothes that make you look and feel good. A great outfit for bald guys is a grey crew neck sweater with slightly ripped black skinny jeans. This look is stylish and masculine, and it will help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. So, if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, be sure to give this outfit a try. Add some shades and a watch to flair it up a bit. Never hurts to have a beard either.

2. Wool Crew Neck Sweaters


Bald men can rock a textured black wool sweater with cropped black pants and grey loafers. The sweater will add some visual interest to your outfit, while the cropped pants will show off your ankles. The loafers will complete the look and keep you comfortable all day long.

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3. Sport Jackets or Casual Blazers


When wearing black cropped pants, many men like to pair them with a black sweater. This look is often considered to be very stylish and can be worn in many different settings. Additionally, a light black sport coat blazer can be added to give the outfit a more polished appearance.


4. Dark Shoes With Sport Jacket


Bald men fashion is all about looking polished and professional. Black pants and black shoes are a classic combination that always looks sharp. A white undershirt is a great way to show off your skin tone, and the grey textured blazer sport jacket is a great way to add some texture to your outfit.

5. Brown & Beige Sport Jacket With Chelsea Boots


Bald men can rock the black skinny jeans and black Chelsea boots look just as well as anyone else! To complete the outfit, a tan undershirt and a brown casual blazer are perfect. This look is perfect for any casual occasion.

6. Burgundy Pants & Sneakers


A great outfit for a bald man is burgundy pants with sneakers and a grey V-neck sweater. The pants are stylish and the sneakers add a touch of casualness to the outfit. The V-neck sweater is a classic style that looks good on everyone. The sneakers will draw your eyes away from the head and balance out your look.

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7. Cropped Pants & Crew Neck Sweaters


This is a dope look that adds a bit of pop and flair for a bald guy. This is an exception styling where this one is rocking white casual shoes with a cropped dark grey pant that shows a bit of ankle. This really adds to the casual fashion for bald guys wardrobe. To add to the crew neck sweater theme, this is a burgundy crew neck sweater that looks wool and has a white textured wash to it. You can also see an orange/tan shirt underneath to give a pop of color.

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8. Sport Coats & Tees


Beard and sunglasses seems to be a staple for bald models in the fashion industry. I also noticed a ton of casual blazer or sport jackets mixed with sweaters underneath or crew neck t-shirt. The more square style or rectangular glass seem to have an interesting aesthetic as well.

9. Cashmere Crew Neck Sweaters


Wearing dark or bold colors is the statement for bald guys. This is a simple look but the dark tan cashmere sweater paired with black pants is simple and stylish. Throw on some accessories like a watch and some sunglasses and you’re good to go.

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10. More Blazers


I’m not usually a huge fan of blue jacket black pants combos, but this one works for me. I’m not sure if it’s the beard for it works for a bald man. I like it.

11. Simple Black Tee & Tats With Brown Boots


Again, we have a cropped dark grey or light black pant showing a bit of ankle. The difference here is that he is rocking a brown laced boot with a simple black crew neck T-shirt. This is a very simple but stylish look for typical bald man fashion that I would rock for sure.

12. Cardigans


If you don’t want to rock the blazer look, this cardigan style or sweater option can go as well. I included this one because the lighter color shoes goes against the grain, but I think they look sharp like this.

13. Cream Blazer With Blue Undershirt


I wanted to include this one because normally you see darker colors, but this white or cream blazer can work well with a light blue t-shirt underneath and some dark pants. A cool look.

14. Mahogany Tie With White Dress Shirt


This is one of my favorite types of styles that mixes casual with professional. You can wear it to work and you can also wear it to a function or event. I like the black cardigan/jacket that mixes with the white-spotted mahogany tie.

15. Wool Grey Blazer With White Turtle Neck


This is a dope wool grey casual blazer with a VERY SLIGHT turtleneck sweater underneath. Don’t go too high up with the turtleneck when you are bald, or you risk looking like a pen 15. Note the super square sunglasses that help even out all the rounded features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What looks good on bald guys?

From looking at hundreds of different outfits for bald guys, some of the things that consistently work are dark black skinny pants (cuffed or cropped), Black or brown shoes/boots, long sleeve crew neck sweaters that are textured, and casual blazers. You really can’t go wrong with any of these four options.

How can a bald guy look more attractive?

Here is what can make a bald guy look more attractive (from a bald man):

1. Sunglasses
2. A full, well-groomed beard
3. Fully shaved head
4. Solid Skin Care
5. Tattoos
6. Long sleeve Crew Neck Sweaters
7. Dark colored pants
8. Cropped or cuffed pants
9. Dark color shoes
10. Bulk or a bit of muscle
11. Fully bic’d head

Can balding guys be attractive?

Yes, balding guys can be attractive. A lot of women are attracted to balding men because they are seen as being more masculine and confident. Additionally, many celebrities – such as Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, and Dwayne Johnson – rock the bald look and still manage to be incredibly attractive. So go ahead and shave your head – you may just find that you like the way you look.

How should I dress when balding?

Fashion for bald men is not rocket science. Dress with dark colors, cover up skin when you can, wear long sleeve crew neck sweaters, wear casual blazers, sunglasses, dark color skinny pants, cropped or cuffed pants to show ankles, and darker color shoes/boots.

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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    Nice article here brother. It’s right to the point and full of very practicle tips; I liked the idea of wearing more angular glasses to help even out the round aspect of a bald head and the gray blazer white dress shirt with black bottoms and shoes is a good look overall imo. Thanks again.

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