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Beckett Simonon is a direct-to-consumer footwear and accessories brand that sells quality, stylish products at prices far below what you’d find in stores. The company was founded in 2012 with the mission to make high-end fashion more accessible by cutting out the middleman and selling directly from the factory.

Who is Beckett Simonon and what do they offer

Beckett Simonon is a direct-to-customer brand that produces luxury shoes, bags, and other leather goods. Taking on traditional retail’s high markups, the company sells directly to customers at factory prices for quality products designed with traditional craftsmanship.

Utilizing a pre-production model, Beckett Simonon allows its customers to be involved in the entire production process. Every product is handmade in limited batches, meaning they are carefully crafted with attention to detail. Quality and selection are always at the forefront of the shopping experience, and customers can rely on getting products made exclusively with Italian vegetable-tanned leather sourced from family-owned tanneries in Italy and Colombia.

They also offer a variety of customization options that allow customers to personalize their items just the way they want them. From the highest quality materials to thoughtful craftsmanship, personalized designs, and unbeatable prices—Beckett Simonon offers something special in every item bought from them. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes or a timeless bag, Beckett Simonon will have what you need.

The quality of Beckett Simonon shoes

Everyone loves a great pair of shoes and finding the perfect one can be quite a labor of love. It takes time to assess the quality of the materials, the general craftsmanship, and how comfortable they feel.

But it’s worth taking that extra time to make sure you enjoy wearing them for the long haul. Good shoes have a certain heft and suppleness because quality leather is being used for uppers and regions; Sometimes juxtaposed with softer Nappa leather or glossy patent leather in areas like tongue or apron panels.

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The sole should also feel supportive under your foot as it is made from defined rubber which allows maximum flexibility and grip on any surface. Quality stitching should be present all around, this increases durability and makes sure the shoe won’t break apart easily.

All these factors when taken into consideration work together to give off an authentic look of luxury, built for purpose but with timeless appeal. These unique design details ensure that no matter what style you choose – whether it’s chunky streetwear sneakers or dashing Oxfords –you get an item perfect for both style and substance, with irresistible character down to every detail.

My personal experience with Beckett Simonon shoes and their products

I recently had the privilege of trying out a pair of Beckett Simonon shoes, and I’m happy to report that their products are top-notch. From the moment I slipped on the shoes, I knew they were going to be comfortable. The leather was soft and pliable, and they weren’t too snug or too loose. The soles were cushioned as well, and I felt confident walking around in them all day.

One of my favorite features is the stitchless construction–you can actually see the craftsmanship in each shoe without all the distracting seams. After wearing them for a few days, I noticed minimal wear and tear which tells me these shoes are made to last; good quality comes with an appropriate price tag. Overall, my experience has been great with Beckett Simonon shoes. Highly recommend it if you want an upgrade in style and quality.

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How much do Beckett Simonon shoes cost?

Beckett Simonon shoes range in price depending on the style and material but typically start at around $200.00 USD. However, they often offer discounts and bundle deals as part of their loyalty program, so customers can score even bigger savings. One thing that is pretty frustrating for international consumers is that they don’t ship anywhere except for the US. They don’t ship to Canada or UK and haven’t adjusted this for the last 4 or 5 years so I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

Beckett Simonon Shipping Time

Beckett Simonon ships all orders for free. Shipping is available to the U.S., and delivery times are usually between 2-4 business days. International shipping is not currently available, and there is no estimated timeframe for when it will be available.

Is Beckett Simonon worth the wait?

Beckett Simonon is certainly worth the wait for those looking for high-quality, stylish shoes and accessories. Their products are crafted with great attention to detail and their prices are unbeatable. They offer both classic styles and modern designs which means there’s something for everyone. If you’re willing to wait a few days or so for your order to arrive, then Beckett Simonon is definitely worth it.

That being said, they have runs that go out of stock regularly and sometimes can’t take any more orders. But in my opinion, they are worth the wait.

Is Beckett Simonon an American company?

No, Beckett Simonon is not an American company. It was founded by two Colombian entrepreneurs in 2012 and is based in Medellin, Colombia. The company sources all of its materials from around the world and takes great pride in producing affordable luxury footwear with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. They are committed to ethical production practices, including fair wages and safe working conditions for their staff.

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But they have free US shipping all over the States.

Can Beckett Simonon be resoled?

Yes, Beckett Simonon shoes can be resoled. The brand is known for producing quality bi-component outsoles composed of the finest leather and rubber components available on the market. This ensures that your shoes will last a long time, even when you walk in them regularly.

If necessary, you can take your shoes to a professional cobbler to have the soles replaced or repaired. However, it’s important to note that this service may not be available in all areas, and the cost of repairs can vary depending on the type of sole and necessary work. But overall, Beckett Simonon shoes are made with such quality craftsmanship and materials that you can trust them to last.

This concludes my review of Beckett Simonon shoes. Although they may be more expensive than other brands, their quality craftsmanship and materials make them worth the price tag. So if you are looking for a pair of stylish, well-made shoes that will last for years to come, then Beckett Simonon is definitely worth considering.

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