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Chino pants are a staple of men’s wardrobes everywhere. They are functional and can be used in a variety of different styles and settings. They can be business casual and they can also be casual for going out. You should have a pair of khaki and a pair of either grey or navy chinos for sure. 

We take a larger look at the best chinos for men in this post as our absolute guide to chinos based on pricing, quality, and popularity among the men’s fashion community. 

Best Chinos For Men Between $60-$100

1. Bonobos Chinos

The Bonobos chino pants are a great purchase, and an essential part of your wardrobe as a man, in my opinion. Although the pricing of Bonobos’s pants tends to be on the pricier end in this $60-$100 category, they frequently offer deals. 

They feel like a huge improvement over chinos from J. Crew Factory and Uniqlo because of the outstanding quality. They also have really good customer service. They have some great, intense, and sharp colors that don’t seem to fade. The blue and khaki are quite nice. 

2. Banana Republic Chinos

Really enjoy my athletic-fit lived-in chinos in khaki and grey. They have some crazy sales on a regular basis. For example, currently like 50% off but likely won’t be the same by the time you read this but just wanted to give you an idea of how often they drop in price. Definitely can’t go wrong with these chino pants while rolling the cuff. 

3. J Crew Chinos

These are everyday chino for sure. You can wear it for business casual as well. Again, these chinos are very often on sale (notice a trend yet?). Chino pants are almost always on sale, never buy for full price if you’re buying in this pricing category.

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They make a wide variety of chino styles and break them down by skinny, slim, straight, etc. I am partial to their 484s at the time of writing this which is their slim-fit chino pants. 

4. Woodies

They funded a bunch of their products through Kickstarter campaigns but they are very popular chinos that are bespoke and made to order. So you fill out a questionnaire when you purchase instead of selecting a medium, large, or XL, like the standard way of selecting your sizing.

I’ve heard really good things about the fit of their stretchy chino, so I wanted to include them here. I think they look pretty good from what I’ve seen. 

5. Scotch & soda

They have some great chino pant options here, and I’m partial to the Mott super-slim fit or the Blake fit. The blake is a more wrinkly pleated pant style. Both are pretty cool, and I like them both.

6. Lands End

Lands’ End is a good source of affordable, basic clothing of decent quality. They offer a few different types of chinos, including no iron twill dress trousers, no iron chinos, and knockabout chinos. The no-iron twill dress trousers have a hook closure instead of a button, while the no-iron chinos are regular chinos that close with a button. The knockabout chinos lack the non-iron properties of the other two, but they have some added elastane for stretch and come in more unusual colors. Their fits come in slim, tailored, and classic and their website provides detailed information on the measurements.

Best Men’s Chino Pants Between $100-$200

1. Epaulet

Never personally owned a pair of chinos from this brand. Epaulet was founded in 2008 and their chinos have always been considered super high-quality and high-end. I’ve seen their name mentioned often regarding high-end menswear and their chino pants. You get a good quality-to-price ratio. I am on the shorter side, and these pants would be difficult for my style. 

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Generally fuller chino pants, so if you’re after slim or skinny then you’ll likely be out of luck. That being said, skinny pants are currently out right now, especially in chinos. 

2. Paul Smith Chinos 

Very high-quality chino pants. Paul Smith is a British clothing brand known for its high-end clothing. Their tapered chino cuts are really nice. I love the material and the fabric and the construction of their chino pants. 

3. Gustin

You can select the fit that’s best for you from three options: slim, straight, and skinny. Their materials are strong and of the highest quality, and their designs are timeless and traditional. Some Gustin chinos are available for as little as $60–$70, though costs might vary based on the style. The cost after shipping is frequently around $100. In general, they are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

4. Naked and Famous 

Super high-quality Japanese fabric and made-in-Canada chino pants. The khaki’s awesome and I have a pair of these in my wardrobe that I go-to pretty regularly. They look dope with combat boots while cuffed. They are long-lasting and I tend to go with their “weird guy” fit which is the perfect amount of slim for me. If you want skinnier then you go with the “super guy” sizing. 

Best Chinos For Men Between $30-$60

1. Spier and Mackay

I like these chinos a lot. I’ve been a fan of this brand. I really lile their heavy canvas saw chinos which are suowe durable and already faded. They already look good so you done have to worry about ruining them. 

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2. Banana Republic Rapid Movement Chinos 

The Mason fit is the best fitting chinos I’ve ever worn and the material is great. I have big ol thighs and they fit like a dream and are tapered enough to look modern but not so dramatic to look silly. 

3. Uniqlo’s Skinny Chino

Uniqlo chinos are great at this price point. When I first got into upgrading my fashion sense, UNIQLO (unique clothes) really helped me start out a nice wardrobe on an affordable budget. They have some quality options available on a good budget. 

I have moved on from their chinos at this point but at this price range the quality is a good purchase and you can’t really go wrong with uniqlo. 

4. American Eagle Chinos

Honesty not my favorite build so these are last for me in thisncategoet but I have time give them an honorable mention because a lot odnpeople have given these an nudge as a decent affordable option. But deff not sometjinh inwoils go seek oit . 

5. Dockers Alpha Khaki

You can wear these ones with an Oxford Cloth Button Down and you’re good to go for business casual. Although the fit is not really my favorite compared to Spiers and Mackay and Uniqlo in this price category. 

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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