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We have done a deep dive into the best jeans for men and sorted them by price and quality. We have four categories: under $30, $30-$60, $60-$100, $100-$200, and $200-$400. Each category is also sorted by quality, including our favorites and/or most popular among the men’s fashion community. These are the results based on our extensive research. Please comment and let me know your experience as well! Cheers.

Best Jeans for Men Between $30-$60 USD

1. American Eagle Jeans

Honestly, you can always find a good deal and they’re actually extremely comfortable. If you are a guy with bigger thighs then you might want to stay away from these because the crotch can get pretty tight for you. But they are super comfortable. 

2. UNIQLO Jeans

I’m partial to the Ultra Stretch Skinny fit, but they have a variety of options that could work for you. Honestly, the stock issues are a bit annoying since they do runs and are often out of stock, so keep your eyes peeled and pull the trigger ASAP!

3. Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans

Honestly, I will sometimes lean toward these jeans over Levi’s and Unbranded jeans. I like the black and dark wash blue athletic slim jeans for everyday jeans. These are great for guys with big thighs, the athletic slim jeans fit amazingly well. You can often find them on sale and they are just a sturdy build all around. 

4. Lucky Brand Jeans

You can find these jeans at Nordstrom Rack on the regular for like $50 USD, and at this price point, these are an extremely comfortable jean. 

They are a soft jean, but keep in mind that you can get holes in these ones pretty easily in just a few months. So try and take care of them. 

5. Levi’s Jeans

Further down the list than most of you would expect. They come in many different colors and shapes and are not too expensive for the return on quality. That being said, as a jeans enthusiast, I find that there sizing is extremely inconsistent and I think there are better options available at the same price points. 

4. Gap Jeans 

These err on the higher price range above $60 but you can find these on sale pretty often on their website or resellers websites for half-off deals. So keep an eye out for that. The jeans are stretchy, which I tend to lean toward these days unless I’m going for the super high-end price point jeans above $150 or so. 

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5. Dearborn Denim

These jeans just look good and they are pretty comfortable. The one thing is that you may need to tailor them. I recommend going for the slims as the fit is solid and the plain back pockets are a nice clean and minimal style. 

Best Men’s Jeans Between $100-$200 USD

1. Japan Blue Jeans

These are heavy-weight jeans compared to the regular mall brands you might see on the regular. These are made in Japan, and are super tough jeans. Some of the people that own them often say they are the best pair of jeans they have ever owned. I’ve never had a pair but I plan on grabbing them next year. Let me know in the comments how you like them. 

2. Left Field NYC Jeans

I find that the male fashion community these days really likes the Atlas cut  because they have a good thigh-to-waist ratio. Good if you have pretty big thighs as well so keep that in mind. 

If you are a tall person, Left Field jeans are great. They have a ton of options for you (I’m not tall… haha). 

They also tend to listen to customer feedback and they expanded the thigh measurements to the waist ratio because of this feedback which is really quite unique for a clothing brand to do these days. 

3. Naked and Famous Jeans

Pretty popular and in this mid-tier price range for jeans, and comprised of some really weird and interesting types of jeans, including scratch and sniff jeans haha. But honestly they are really high quality and they have a ton of basic jeans as well that will do the trick. 

One thing to note is that they stock on Amazon and Nordstrom BUT, they are not generally a different model and NOT selvedge. So definitely keep that in mind when deciding where you purchase your N&F jeans. 

4. Sugar Cane Jeans

Sugar cane tends to be classic fit and wears more like Levi’s than a brand like Japan Blue. You can often find used pairs at a decent price so keep your eyes and ears on eBay listings, etc. 

5. TCB Jeans

The vintage style is the way to go with these jeans. Company is more on the small side but they make very good denim and have decent pricing. 

6. Nudie Jeans 

I’ve owned two pairs of these and they got their daily use some years ago when they were a bit more popular. They have some really cool stretch fit options that look extremely good. Also pretty cool that they are very open about where they source their materials and their production. 

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These are one of the more ethical and conscious denim brands out there which I tend to lean toward when making a decently pricey purchase. 

7. Railcar Fine Goods 

Californian brand that does products in small-batches, and are all cut by hand in the USA. 

8. A.P.C 

Hmm, I debated including this brand, but I feel like I kind of have to. They’ve been around for the last 30 years in the denim game and they really did lead the way for modern-day raw denim. You really have to wear these in. 

I’m pretty sure most of their denim is made in Turkey now, and the quality can be inconsistent. They tend to fade pretty easily now after just 1 or 2 washes. If you’re a fan of that type of fade then you will be happy, but you can get black jeans go to a light grey after about a year or so. 

Other than that, I’ve heard really good things though. 

Best Jeans for Men Between $60-$100

1. Brave Star Jeans 

Pretty small company that might not get enough credit for the price-quality ratio honestly. They are made in the US and at the higher end of this price point between $80-$100 USD, they are my favorite quality in this category and will often outperform a brand like Naked & Famous in my optinion. 

2. Everlane Men’s Jeans

They’re slim fit black and washed black jeans are a decent and affordable option for someone just upgrading their wardrobe or getting into men’s fashion for the first time. 

3. Unbranded 

These are also done by the same place that does Naked & Famous jeans, and are about as affordable as you can get for raw denim. Takes awhile to break in their jeans and can be pretty tough to deal with at first. But people tend to like them for the price point and the quality. 

4. Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-fit (STF)

Raw denim and you can find them on sale pretty often. 

5. Banana Republic Jeans for Men

Well fitted, a solid stretch to the jeans and are pretty comfortable. Not too much to say here. 

Best Jeans For Men Under $30

1. H&M Jeans 

When I was shopping in this range, these would be my favorite options. They are surprisingly durable for the price point, and I really like their skinny fit black ripped jeans when I used to rock those. 

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2. Hollister Jeans 

Haha, I know, but these are actually super comfortable. I STILL have a pair of the dark blue and if you are on a budget these can be a great option. Honestly, these fit so well. 

3. Goodfellow (Target Brand)

Decent in a crunch, keep in mind these jeans fit a bit on the looser side. I’d recommend the above options over these ones but I felt like they were worth a mention because they actually aren’t the worst. 

Best Men’s Jeans Over $200

1. Momotaro 

The tippy-top quality of denim with a keen-eye for sick details and quality construction. Would love to cop a pair of these if I ever get a chance. 

2. 3sixteen 

Honestly love this brand. As I’m sure you know if you’ve been looking through my, “best of” articles. Made in the US with Japanese fabrics, this brand has been crushing denim for some time now. Definitely take a look at the shadow in straight leg, as those are definitely more on-trend these days for sure. Also if you have big legs, these are super comfy and don’t hug too tight. 

3. OrSlow 

Really uneven and slubby in a lovely and natural way. It’s something that photographs simply cannot depict, and you must touch it to get why it is different. I suggest their 107.

orSlow offers a fantastic blend of high-quality fabric and gorgeous, current styles (both 105 and 107)

Many of the other “denim head-approved” manufacturers, in my opinion, just produce repro cuts, and while their slim-tapered silhouettes “fit well,” they fall far short of orSlow’s in terms of actual execution.

4. Tanuki 

Oni’s subsidiary brand. 

5. Iron Heart 

This brand is well-known for their heavy weight denim and if you are a taller guy with large thighs this brand is a solid option for you. 

Pretty much super tough, indestructible denim that don’t fade easily. They are a favorite among the denim enthusiasts and tend to draw a crowd of repeat supporters. 

6. Rogue Territory

Made in the USA from premium Japanese textiles, great denim comes in a variety of fits. Among the top brands in the premium pricing bracket. 

7. Oni 

Super cool fabrics with some pretty interesting and textured looks. 

8. Acne Studios

I’d be silly if I didn’t mention Acne Studios here, pretty great quality jeans with stretch. 

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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