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We dug through the men’s fashion communities best mens henley shirts and brands and sorted them into categories of price and quality. We added in some of our favorites, and we hope this list will give you a good idea of the henley shirts you need for your wardrobe. 

These were carefully curated for you, so let me know what you think!

Best Mens Henley Between $50-$100

1. Wolf Vs Goat Henley’s

Depending on the fabric and workmanship, Wolf vs. Goat henley prices can range from $55 to $90 in retail establishments. But if you pay $25 to join their rewards program, you’ll receive 50% off your first purchase. This is really cool, and the membership will almost pay for itself if you intend to order additional things from them in the future.

There might be delays because Wolf vs. Goat is run by a single person, and their productivity is occasionally erratic.

Their Henley in blue with stripes is fantastic. My favorite.

2. Pistol Lake Henley Longsleeve

Pistol lake henley’s are a fan favorite, and they come in lots of different colors while sporting a nice cotton fabric. One of the more common arguments about these henley’s is the length of the placket (which the part of your shirt where the buttonholes are placed). They are a bit long and people seem to think they get wrinkled pretty easily, so keep that in mind. I honestly have never noticed this issue myself though and don’t mind a little wrinkle. I find that it gives a nice “lived in” type look. 

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Also their fabric isn’t the thickest, and some people who pay the upgrade in pricing expect a thicker material, but this is more of a thin material for a henley shirt compared to something like JCrew henley’s. 

3. Marine Layer Double Knit Henley

Some really good henley shirts. These are soft and decently thick enough fabric to keep you warm. They have a variety of unique fits for taller guys or people with longer arms and short torso which I find pretty cool because noones body is the same shape. I find this to be pretty accommodating to the general public. And the quality is niceeeee. 

4. Wool & Prince 78/22 Henley’s

The Wool & Prince henley’s fabric is outstanding, and really great for those that are seeking a more slimming fit for your henley. Great for athletic type builds. They recently increased the amount of colors they have available, as they only used to have maroon and black. So they took the customer feedback which is pretty cool. They are definitely calm earthy colors though, like sage green, black, washed navy, burgundy, redwood, and charcoal heather. I think this is great because you don’t really need any other colors than these for a wardrobe. They also rock some waffle and short sleeve henley’s as well. 

5. L.L. Bean Two-Layer River Driver’s Henley

Althought L.L. Bean has some other good henley’s as well, these are probably the most popular with the fashion community. 

It’s a dual-layer, wool-cotton hybrid traditional fit henley with substance that’s great for layering in the winter.

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6. Buck Mason Henley

Henleys created by Buck Mason are fashionable and long-lasting because they are made with premium components and craftsmanship. Every taste can be satisfied because they are available in a variety of hues and designs.

Buck Mason’s henleys are known for having a comfortable fit. They are made with comfortable, breathable fabrics that may be worn all day long without feeling constricting or uncomfortable. Additionally, they can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

7. American Giant Henley’s

A well-known manufacturer of high-quality clothing created in the United States is American Giant. The American Giant Henley shirt is among their best-selling items.

Henley shirts from American Giant are 100% cotton and built to be both cosy and long-lasting.

The superiority of the materials and structure used in American Giant’s henleys is one of its distinguishing qualities. The business has a reputation for producing some of the greatest garments in the nation and is dedicated to employing the best materials and manufacturing processes. Their henleys are constructed from heavyweight cotton, which is both soft and enduring, and are double-stitched for increased durability and strength.

Best Henley for Men Between $25-$50

1. Dearborn Denim Henley Shirts

These henley shirts are little bit on the lighter side and not really a heavy henley shirt. These are American-made in Chicago, and make a variety of denim products as well. They’ve only been around since 2016, but they are ethically manufactured apparel which is important to me these days, and they deliver some quality clothing. Def check out their henley’s. 

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2. Eddie Bauer Thermal Henley

Usually 50–60% off, warm, and sturdy enough to wear alone or as a base layer. Additionally, they offer tall sizes for those of us with odd body shapes. 

3. Everlane The Premium Weight Henley

These regularly go on sale for half-price, and the they are decently warm options as well. I think they are pretty minimal and stylish, though I recommend staying away from these options if you’re going to go with a henley under the blazer style look. I would opt for one of the weightier options.

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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