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We go deep in this guide to discuss the best t shirts for men. I have tried most of these tees, but for the ones I haven’t, I scoured the web to find good and detailed reviews of each of these brands and t-shirts for men. 

I am partial to plain tees, so I only included a couple of makers that do graphic tees. I also feel these are a good starting place for men who are new to fashion and want to update their wardrobe. Obviously, graphic tees have their place depending on your unique style and what you like, but for men who have no idea where to start, a high-quality plain tee is a staple. 

We break down the best men’s t-shirts by price, quality, and popularity among the men’s fashion crowd. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions, recommendations, or feedback.  

Best T Shirts For Men Between $15-$30

1. Kotn 

These are really dope tees. Though there are a few things to account for before you make your purchase. 

Size up one or two sizes. For real. Their size guide is really weird and their care guide says they only shrink by 1-2% but they shrink much more than that. 

That being said after you size up one and wash and AIR DRY it will be a bit stiffer than it was when you first got it. But it’s 100% cotton and they are a great ethically sourced and manufactured brand that is quite transparent about their process. Other than that, the tees are actually really dope for the price point.

2. LL Bean Tees with or without pocket

L.L. Bean tees are a solid choice with or without the pocket. They are definitely a fuller fit though so if you love wearing skinny tight fitting shirts then stay away. I’d recommend getting away from that anyways though. 

The fabric is good and they tend to be quite durable after quite a few washes.

3. Homage  

Since I know some of you will be into graphic tees and want unique and stylish options of graphic t-shirts for men, this is definitely the spot to cop. They have some sick graphic tees. These tees are well-liked by the fashion community for quality and style, but they also have some plain tees that people find super comfortable as well. I just don’t really like the logo on the sleeve for all of their plain tees. But their graphic tees are dope. 

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Many people say these tees are top-tier for this low price point and for being soft and the fit is pretty good. 

Best Men’s T-Shirts Between $30-$50

1. 3sixteen Tees *Personal Favorite

Dope brand, dope tees. Really good customer service. Out of all the tees I’ve tried in this price range, these are my favorite. I don’t need a lot of different colors so these are fine for me. You basically get an option of black, white, or grey. I always recommend starting a new wardrobe with a black and a white tee, and grey isn’t a bad option to have either as a layering piece. 

Very durable shirts, but the shape and cut is my favorite thing about them. Really well thought out design and construction. Highly recommend, and is one of my recommendation if you’re a guy looking to start a new wardrobe.

2. Velva Sheen Tees

I find this brand fascinating. They were started in the 1930s in Cincinnati but ended up being sold and purchased over and over again throughout the years. They made shirts and clothing for the United States Armed Forces, camps, and colleges. Eventually, they almost went bankrupt and were purchased by a Japanese company called, Topwin. 

The reason this is interesting is that they vowed to restore the original authenticity of Velva Sheen’s costly production process. 

These shirts are tubular-knit which leaves them with no side seams. 

3. Naked & Famous Circular Knit

Again, this is that tubular knit circular knit style tee with no side seams. These are 100% cotton and made in Canada. The collars stay crisp and generally do not fade quickly after heavy washing. Really like these t-shirts. 

4. Asket T-Shirts

I like Asket quite a lot. Obviously, it’s on trend to be environmentally conscious, but Asket doesn’t come off like they are being ethical as a marketing ploy. They basically live the values of an ethical and environmentally friendly fashion brand, which is tough to do. They will repair broken tees, and buy back your clothing afterward, and they don’t do seasonal fashion in an effort to have one unified wardrobe. Their entire brand is based on being transparent. 

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They do this by increasing the quality of craftsmanship so the clothes will last longer in hopes of reducing waste. Their tees are extremely high quality. And my favorite option to include in your wardrobe at this price point if you can afford them. 

5. Jungmaven

Lots of different fabrics, but their thing is basically hemp clothing that is often mixed with cotton and organic cotton as a blend. 

There are a wide variety of different fabrics available to choose from. If you are like me and prefer heavier, thicker fabrics, then the Baja pocket tee is def the one. I tend to stay away from these ones just for my aesthetic which is why I have them further down the list. I also find that the collar tends to fray a bit after some use. So keep that in mind. 

6. Colorful Standard 

I rock one of their crew neck sweaters as a part of my wardrobe and get compliments all the time. They are made of recycled fabrics and products and are often preshrunk so you can select your size worry-free. 

Really good quality clothing and love the brand as well. 

I actually really like their tees, and I appreciate what they stand for,  so I might be moving them up the list shortly. 

7. Patagonia Work Pocket T

These have an industrial hemp and organic cotton blend and use recycled waste and wood pulp to manufacture these tees, which is pretty solid. I’m just not a huge fan of the large logo on the pocket of the tee while some might be into showing that off, it’s not really my style. They have outstanding reviews, and Patagonia is a quality brand. 

8. Allsaints Tonic

These were in the $30 USD range before they raised prices and now they are on the higher end of this pricing category, although you can often find them on sale, these have been moved to this pricing category unless they change their pricing. 

These are definitely not the really thick tees that people expect when paying a higher price point. But, they hold up well and they’re really good for layering. 

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They also have some unique collars like scoop necks and stuff if you’re into that.

Best Men’s T Shirts Over $50

1. Reigning champ Tees

Really like the look and make of these tees, even if they are super expensive. I’ve never tried these personally as the price just kept going up and up as the brand got more popular over the last three years or so. But from what I hear, these are top-notch. I can’t believe how pricy the merino jersey T-shirt is coming in at $145 USD but some of their 2-pack options are closer to $65 USD and you can often get discounts if it’s your first time shopping on their site. 

2. Lady White

These tend to get a good rep, but there is nothing about them that makes them seem to be worth the pricing. You can prove me wrong in the comments if you like because I’ve never owned them. I put them in this place because people in the men’s style community tend to like them a lot.

3. Sunspel T-Shirts

This brand has been around since the early 1900s and claims to have created the world’s first luxury t-shirt. Again, the pricing is hard to stomach for a tee, in my opinion, but for those looking for something made in England and of high quality, you can try them out. I’ve heard good things, but you can see my bias in pricing starts to play a factor here.

I just don’t see what all the fuss is about with these tees over something like a 3sixteen tee.

That’s about as far as I’ll go into this category because, to be honest, I’ve never tried T-Shirts in this range over $50 and I’ve never tried the ones over $100 and I like to give a first-hand experience or at least an honest review from people in my groups who have tried them.

I’d be happy to make adjustments based on your comments or if you send something valuable to me privately. Cheers.

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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