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Let’s preface this post by saying that the blue jacket black pants combo is not my favorite combo. I think there are better color combos out there so you don’t have to force this look.

But if you’re really set or you are stuck with no other options, I put together some looks that could work either professionally or casually with a streetwear vibe.

Black or white sneakers work well, white undershirts work well, and the various shades and styles of blue jackets is what will guide the style of pant or undershirt you wear as a combo.

1. Blazer With White Dress Shirt & Black Skinny Pants

blue jacket black pants

A great outfit for a business casual setting would be to pair black skinny pants with a blue blazer and a white dress shirt. The blue blazer will add some color to the outfit, while the black pants and white dress shirt will keep it professional. If you’re wondering if you can pull off the blue blazer black pants combo, you can.

2. Navy Blazer & Black Sweater

  1. The color black is often seen as being professional and formal
  2. Black pants can be dressed up or down, making them versatile for a variety of occasions
  3. Black dress shoes are perfect for any formal or professional setting
  4. A black undershirt can help to add some color to an outfit while still remaining professional
  5. A navy blue blazer can brighten up any outfit and is perfect for a business casual setting

3. Padded Blue Jacket Black Pants


The padded blue jacket paired with black skinny jeans and high-top black sneakers and a white tee is a sick casual look. I noticed that the padded blue jacket is paired well with black pants, so keep an eye out for one of these when filling your wardrobe. This is a darker blue coat black pants combo.

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4. Royal Blue Blazer With Gold Undershirt


Pairing the royal blue blazer with black pants and a mustard yellow or gold color shirt is a bold look. This is a more casual style choice, and the black pants blue blazer combo is definitely a statement. Try pairing it with sneakers and you could have yourself a winner that you won’t see anyone else wearing. I don’t think I could pull this one off personally. But it’s a vibe I guess.

5. Long Blue Wool Coat


A long blue wool coat can be a staple in many wardrobes, although normally it’s a navy blue color. In this pic above, we show a more turquoise or a brighter blue color and how that can pair with black cropped pants, a white tee, and black dress shoes.

6. Bright Blue Winter Jacket


Another thing I noticed when looking at streetwear styles is that the brighter blue winter jacket or windbreaker has a place when paired with high-quality skinny jeans. It’s almost that tech-wear style that makes this work. I think there are better colors that could combine together in my opinion, but this is a thing and this works okay.

7. Blue Windbreaker


When it comes to fashion, many people like to experiment with different styles and colors. Some people might think that pairing a blue windbreaker with black jogger pants and a long undershirt is a strange combination, but in reality, it can look quite stylish.

Black and blue are often considered to be colors you don’t really want to put together in fashion. I noticed in the streetwear domain, that using brighter blue windbreakers is kind of a cool way to incorporate these colors together.

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8. High Tech Streetwear Style


This is something I would wear. I like this busy blue jacket paired with black skinny jeans and white chunky sneakers. I also like the layering of the black undershirt with the longer hanging white shirt to add a bit of texture and layers to the look. Keep an eye out for a jacket like this and you can pair it with a lot of interesting options.

9. Baby Blue Windbreakers


Baby blue windbreakers mixed with black tapered joggers and a white shirt underneath and white sneakers is pretty cool. The key here is baby blue like the old Chargers jerseys or the North Carolina NCAA basketball team colors.

10. Blue Varsity Jacket


I also think this streetwear style is pretty chill with the blue varsity jacket and the cuffed black pants and a white undershirt. It seems to be sneakers with a black and white texture that are high-tops and likely a hat as well. I think this looks dope. It’s simple and casual but stylish.

11. Horizontal Striped Undershirt


When it comes to fashion, many people like to experiment with different styles and colors. Some people might think that pairing a horizontal black and white striped undershirt with a blue jacket, black pants, and black dress shoes is a strange combination, but in reality, it can look quite stylish.

The black and white stripes create a bold visual statement that can really stand out when paired with the right pieces. In this case, the blue jacket provides a nice contrast to the black stripes on the shirt. The black pants and dress shoes complete the look and help to anchor the outfit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it OK to wear a blue jacket with black pants?

The answer is yes. Wearing a blue blazer with black pants is a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. It is also a good way to make a statement. If you are wearing a blue blazer with black pants, you will want to make sure that the blazer fits well.

Can you wear black pants with navy jacket?

There are a few different looks that you can go for when pairing a navy jacket with pants. Black is always a safe choice, and can create a classic and timeless look.

Does black jeans go with blue jacket?

The answer is yes, black jeans can go with a blue jacket. However, it is important to consider the overall look you are going for and to make sure that the two pieces work together well. For example, if you are wearing a more casual blue jacket, then pair it with a darker wash of black jeans. If you are going for a more dressy look, then choose a lighter wash black jean. Whichever route you choose, make sure that the rest of your outfit compliments the blue and black combination.

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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