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How to wear a suit with sneakers? Wear pure white sneakers with your suit. This is the way. Also, if you’re going to rock this look make sure your dress pants are cropped, possibly showing a bit of ankle. Definitely do not wear socks with this look. I’ve been seeing this look more and more often by comedians and people on stage. For example, Dave Chapelle was rocking this look on stage and it looked great.

You can wear black shoes as well, as shown below, but the majority of the options presented were white sneakers with your suit. It seems to be the most generally accepted in terms of fashion.

1. Formal Blue Suit & White Sneakers


Blue and white is a great combo, especially when wearing a suit with sneakers. The white chunky sneaker and cropped pant is the way to go. That is why I added this as the very first option. A formal all-blue suit the same color pants and a blazer with CLEAN white sneakers.

2. Grey Suit & White High Top Sneakers


The full grey suit with a black tie and white high-top sneakers is a great look. Keep in mind the pants are cropped to show a touch of the ankle, even with the high-top. You can have it cropped right at the top of the shoe and it will still work.

3. Drop The Tie & Unbutton the Blazer


I’ve also noticed that removing the tie and leaving the blazer unbuttoned can give it more of a casual look and will allow you to wear sneakers with your suit no problem.

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4. All Black Suit No Tie


The duo-tone suit with sneakers is the most common option the AI produced when looking at these suggestions. White sneakers, white undershirt, and black pants with a black blazer.

5. Black & White Sneakers & Black Suit


This one was interesting to me because the shoes are more of a black New Balance type of sneaker. Also, the model is wearing white high socks as well. I’m not sure if the AI was trying to make a skinny tie or a bag strap over the shoulder, but either way this one kind of works as well.

6. Grey Blazer & Black Tapered Pants


This is actually a super cool look because of the super wide tie and more formal grey blazer on the top, then you get the cropped, tapered black pants which are less formal mixed with white sneakers. Love this, and would actually try and rock this look myself.

7. Grey Jacket & Black Vest With Black Pants


Interesting black vest with the grey sport coat here. I also think it’s interesting the pants crop all the way down to the bottom of the shoe. Definitely remember to wear that tie under the vest as it adds some nice flavor to the look. While most of the other looks had white sneakers, this is more of a casual white shoe like a Tommy Hilfiger style.

8. Navy Blue Pants & Unbuttoned Grey Blazer


Again, white sneakers are just the way to go. It’s because they work extremely well with the undershirt, especially if it’s an unbuttoned blazer-type look. I really like the dark pants and light sport coat style mixed with the white sneakers.

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9. Light Brown Suit & Black Sneakers


I will let you decide what you think of this one. This probably isn’t my favorite option but I wanted to include a variety of different black sneakers styles since they are rare.

11. Navy Blue Cropped

JasperArt 2022 09 28 13.15.57 2

You really can’t go wrong with this look, and I wanted to show how you can incorporate an accessory like a hand bag for men as well.

12. Black Suit & Black Sneakers

JasperArt 2022 09 28 12.53.26 4

Have to crop these pants if doing this style, I also enjoyed how the white sole would combine with the undershirt (even though in this pic it’s light blue). But this is a cool way to incorporate a black low-cut sneaker in the mix as well. It’s difficult to incorporate black shoes when figuring out how to wear a suit with sneakers, so I though this was pretty cool.

13. Black Blazer & Grey Pants & Black Sneakers

JasperArt 2022 09 28 12.53.04 4 2

Continuing on with the black sneakers that have a thick white sole because the reason this works is the white undershirt and black blazer matching the white sole and black sneaker.

14. Bow-Tie & White Sneakers

JasperArt 2022 09 28 12.54.35 1

This was the first option I saw that included a bow-tie, and I was surprised because I thought this would be more prevalent in the results when looking at how to wear a suit with sneakers.

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