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Wide-leg pants are in. Wide-leg pants are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any occasion. But many men are unsure of how to wear them.

Don’t worry, the AI bots are here to help. In this post, I looked at hundreds of AI-created fashion options and compiled my favorite options here for you to look through and get ideas.

1. White V Neck Tee With Blue Sweater


Grey wide leg corduroy pants with rolled-up cuffs to expose a bit of the ankle with white socks. You can pair it with a white (deep) V-neck and some shite sandals and a blue sweater.

2. Black blazer, Black Vest, Red Checkered Shirt


Grey wide-leg dress pants with a brown belt, a black blazer. Paired with a black V-Neck sweater, and a red and white checkered button-up dress shirt tucked into the pants.

3. Simple Short Sleeve Blue Shirt


If you’re wondering for a way how to wear wide leg pants mens, then orange is an interesting play. Definitely bold. Grab a blue short sleeve dress shirt and throw on some glasses, tuck it in and you have an interesting option.

4. Simple White Tee


Love the creamy light grey wide-leg pants that are cut shor to expos the ankle and a bit of the calf. Tuck in a simple white t-shirt and pair it with some tan moccassins and you can find an interesting combo.

5. Black Tee, Long Tan Cardigan/Jacket


Simple khaki and tan colored cardigan sweater that over a black tee with cuffed grey wide leg plants and a pair of nice black boot/dress shoes. Thanks AI.

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6. White Tee, Short Blazer


This look seems to be popular with the AI. Seems to like the great wide leg pant with a white tee tucked in style. This one on the left is paired with white loafers/sandals (kinda hard to tell), and the one to the right is a wider blue plant with a white shirt and a blue blazer. It’s interesting to see that they like when the wide leg pant doesn’t go too long past the ankle. Very often the bottom should be cut short allowing enough room to expose the shoes.

7. Long white Tee, light grey sportcoat/blazer


A casual grey cardigan/blzer with a longer white tee and wide-leg dark black pants. Simple yet solid.

8. Formal Brown Dress Shoes


As a more formal option, you can pair the khaki style wide leg pant with a nice brown dress shoe with a wingtip on the end. If you’re going for this style of formal look you’ll want the cuff to move a bit lower and show less ankle.

9. White Sneakers, Black Tee, White Button Down


I actually really like this white sneaker and a black wide leg pant with the cuff high enough to expode the ankle and some socks. You can tuck in a black t-shirt and throw over a white or a light grey cardigan/blazer/sweater over top.

10. Short Sleeve Tee Tucked In

JasperArt 2022 09 25 16.22.55 1

This is an interesting look with a super short sleeve white tee tucked into wide-leg blue pants and some type of interesting khaki/tan/white sneakers.

11. Long sleeve vertical striped button up with tie matching pants


This is a more formal look and it looks good on both the left and the right. Though I like the right option a bit more. I think the tie kind of completes this look.

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12. Thin Light Pink Dress Shirt


A thin light pink material dress shirt tucked into a nice pair of formal great wide-leg pants.

13. Simple White Dress Shirt


Kind of an interesting look with brown wide-leg pants with a red belt/waist and a simple white dress shirt tucked into the pants.

14. Fully Buttoned Black Dress Shirt


Heavy wide-leg dress pants in grey with a thin black belt. The black dress shirt is tucked into the pants with black dress shoes.

15. Dark Emerald Green Crew Neck Sweater


This one is different and kind of cool. White wide-leg pants with a dark emerald green sweater. Interesting combo.

16. Simple blue crew neck sweater

khaki wide leg pants

Navy blue crew neck sweater with a khaki wide-leg pant. Of course the sweater tucked in and a nice big silver colored watch on the left wrist.

17. Black tucked in shirt black dress shoes

red wide leg pants

Bold red wide-leg pants pleated and drooping over the chestnut brown dress shoes with a black tee tucked in.

18. Chunky White Sneakers Long Sleeve Black Shirt

pleated great pants with chunky white sneakers

Dope great wide-leg pants cut off around the ankle with chunky white sneakers and a long sleeve black shirt.

19. Tucked In Black Tee, Tan Sport Coat

tan wide leg pants

Beige pleated wide-leg pants with black tee tucked in, no belt, and a light tan sport coat.

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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