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When designing a man’s wardrobe, having outfits that make them feel confident on or off the job and that can adapt from business events to social outings are perfect. Men love a power suit that has chemistry and swag.

So what color tie to wear with blue shirt? When wearing a blue shirt, many color combinations come to mind, but the contrast of burgundy on blue demonstrates without question you’re about your business. Fashion is fluid though, and there are many combinations you can pull off with a blue shirt. Use these tips as a guide.

Embracing the Blues

Blue is a powerful color that wears well with almost anything. The one thing to remember is the hue of blue that’s working in the background. Knowing the complementary colors based on the coolness or warmth of the shirt, and the texture can point you in the right direction. One of the key elements that work is to consider the blue as a canvas and accessorize the rest.

Color Schemes

When putting together color combinations, it’s important to consider where the tie and shirt will be worn. In business settings, it may be best to keep things corporate and monochromatic, where a dark blue tie would look nice on a light blue shirt, or vice versa. This creates a simple and understated elegance that can move from the boardroom to dinner or a wedding.

For men who are more fashionable and don’t mind making a statement, a color scheme that is analogous will work. Men who choose this fashion palate use patterns and textured looks to complement the blue shirt and complete their look. While the harmony of these pairings has a little flair, the color balance still works without being too bold. Color combinations in this area could be a blue shirt and purple tie, or a yellow tie with a blue dot pattern. These combinations work well in the corporate setting but are more laid back. They can easily transition into a social setting.

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Creating Harmony with Your Fashion

Some people use a color wheel to get their coordinating colors together. This is usually called a Triadic color scheme because the colors you choose to complement the blue shirt form a triangle when using the color wheel. This also means you’re creating a balance between the colors you use, with emphasis on the harmony of warm and cool. This adds variety to your look while maintaining a fashionable edge. Color schemes that fall into this category are fashionable while taking advantage of all colors

Men who use the color wheel and this color scheme usually experiment with dark and light colors, as well as ties of different textures and patterns. It is not uncommon to see a mustard tie with a dark navy shirt. These looks are good for professional settings and formal events because the color combinations are not only powerful but elegant too. In other words, these combinations make a statement without trying.

What Colors Can You Use to Complement a Blue Shirt?

Blue has so many variations on the spectrum, so being inventive and taking some risks is always appreciated. A complementary color is usually directly opposite the color on the color wheel. This means it will be striking and statement-forming. These colors make an otherwise bland shirt presentation full of color and pizazz. You’ll also see warm and cool colors used when creating a combination of complementary colors.

Where do you see these? You’ll often see these combinations at social events where it’s not so formal or corporate. These are the events where men stand out and make their own statements. Although they are seen in the office as very professional, this is an opportunity to keep the professionalism while adding a little fun to the mix.

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Patterns and Palettes

Again, blue is a basic color that serves as the canvas for what you are feeling and want to present. While solid colors are nice and lend a stable presentation, there are some ties that have patterns and textures that can bring out the best of any blue. There are a few rules of thumb though. You don’t want to have a striped blue shirt on with a checkered tie. The clash between the two would be overwhelming. Instead, try and find a pattern you enjoy with touches of blue in it or one of the types of color schemes we’ve discussed.

Consider proportion and purpose. Stripes and stripes work together, especially if the stripes are of different sizes. For contrast, if you have a patterned shirt in blue, choosing abstracts or polka dots could bring out the texture and dimension of the shirt. A solid blue shirt with a patterned tie is also a winner. Layered colors work best in creating a professional look. Again, once you’ve picked the tie, accessorizing everything else results in a strong finish.

Considering Fabrics

Ties are made of different fabrics and textures, which also help bring out the best in any blue shirt. When matching a tie to your shirt, you must consider the occasion where the tie needs to be worn, its durability, and comfort. A few things to consider:

Silk ties

These are good to wear year-round and are very lightweight with color and patterns. Depending on the type of silk it is, there are different times of the year when it would be more comfortable to wear the tie. Additionally, there are different types of silk to consider when choosing.

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Cotton or Linen

These ties are usually worn during the summer or spring because of their lightweight nature. In most instances, these ties are usually worn with cool colors. These ties can be problematic because they wrinkle easily. Who wants a crisp blue shirt with a wrinkled tie?


Wool ties are definitely best suited for the fall and winter. These ties are very stylish and usually have a pattern or design. They are also very heavy and add elegance to any blue shirt when worn.


Knitted ties are usually for informal affairs but add texture and depth to a blue shirt. Although casual, when paired with the right color, pants, and accessories, you’ll be the hit of the event. (The first question may come from other men wanting to know where you got your tie).

There are so many colors you can pair with a blue shirt that will keep your closet on consistent rotation (for the better). By looking at the color wheel, you can figure out what colors complement and showcase the color of the shirt (unless you want your tie to be a conversation piece). Consider the color, type, scale, design, and other factors when pairing it with a blue shirt and the rest is blue magic.

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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