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I went through hundreds of the best looks and trends to summarize what to wear with blue shorts this spring and summer, and this post is a breakdown of what I learned. 

I include full outfit images and details down below, as well as places to grab the combos, but here’s the TL;DR in case you’re in a rush.  

The most common footwear I see paired with blue shorts is white sneakers or white canvas shoes paired with calf-high white socks. Yep, this is in. I know. But it’s all over the place. Every fit that I see from almost every designer is going this route. If only to stand out from the no-show socks trend that has dominated the show for the last five years. 

Although another popular option I consistently see is to go with no-show socks and brown loafers or brown dress shoes. 

For a preppy and less casual look, go with a light blue oxford button down, or a white and blue striped oxford cloth button down left unbuttoned. This look has always been in, and it continues to stay trendy. This works really well with darker blue and navy chino shorts, but you can get away with drawstring shorts now as well. 

The colors for tees that match with blue shorts are taupe and that yellowy-green color to pair with your blue shorts. Grey always works for sweaters as well. 

I’m seeing some pretty interesting and unique combos as well so I’ll include those down below with some links to check out the items. If you use the affiliate links you are supporting the blog so I appreciate it. Cheers. 

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Outfit 1: With Everlane Blue Shorts

blue shorts white sneakers mustard tee

For a nice simple summer look, you can go pretty basic with your blue shorts. Blue goes with a yellow-green tee pretty well.

And the staple of new sock styles is to rock calf-high white tube socks with your low-top white sneakers. Pair this with a simple grey cap for a chill outfit. 

Paired with:

Outfit 2: with Nanamic Alphadry Shorts in Blue

blue shorts with oxford shirt

For a less casual style, you can go with an unbuttoned striped light blue Oxford cloth button-down. Leave it open with a clear white tee underneath. 

You can go with white canvas shoes and white tube socks style or you can rock with brown shoes as well. This one adds a tan hat to the mix, but that’s def optional. 

Paired with:

Outfit 3: with Carhartt WIP Blue Sweat Short

carhartt blue shorts grey sweater

If you have blue sweat shorts, which are currently on trend, you can keep that aesthetic by going with a simple grey crewneck sweater. 

Again, canvas white shoes and high socks can cleanly finish it off. Very chill and minimal look, but it works man.

Outfit 4: with Blue Chino Shorts

137d08f2 4abe

Good old drawstring shorts are popping off and will be around all summer. Try tucking in a beige tee and rocking a striped double-pocket collared linen short-sleeve shirt over top. Super slick. 

Outfit 5: with Oliver Spencer Judo Short

21 12 2022 JD OSMT58A ELL01NAV m9 1

Very similar style and look but wanted to showcase the color options here. The taupe and striped shirt just work really well with each other.

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Blue and white striped dress shirt unbuttoned with a taupe undershirt for some color. This looks dope. I highly recommend the white canvas shoes and socks.

Outfit 6: with Rag & Bone Perry Cotton Blue Twill Shorts

Perry Cotton Stretch Twill Short 401 1

What to wear with blue chino shorts? Simple:

  • Light blue oxford cloth button down 
  • White sneakers 
  • Tucked in white tee 

Sometimes it just needs to be easy. And this is a staple look that is classic and will last for years to come. You can’t go wrong with this look, and I know most of you will have a blue oxford cloth button down, white sneaks and a white tee. If you don’t, then it’s time to grab one for sure. The blue OCBD goes with so many different clothing options, especially when you are trying to figure out what to wear with blue shorts in the spring or summer.

Outfit 7: What To Wear With JCrew Blue Drawstring Shorts?

AV450 BL9137 m

Drawstring shorts are going to be in this year guaranteed. You got blue navy shorts then try rocking a tartan patterned dress shirt that’s breathable, tucked in with no show socks and some brown loafers. Golden. Add some shades to round it out. 

Wrapping Up What To Wear With Blue Shorts

In conclusion, the key to looking fashionable with blue shorts this spring and summer is to focus on simplicity and versatility.

White sneakers or white canvas shoes with calf-high white socks and a yellow-green tee are a common and trendy combination. Another popular option is to pair the shorts with a light blue oxford button down or a white and blue striped oxford cloth button down left unbuttoned, with no-show socks and brown loafers or brown dress shoes.

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The colors for tees that match well with blue shorts are taupe and yellowy-green, while grey always works for sweaters.

Other unique and stylish combinations include a grey crewneck sweater, a beige tee with a striped double-pocket collared linen short-sleeve shirt, a taupe and striped dress shirt, and a light blue oxford cloth button down tucked in with a white tee.

The classic combination of a light blue oxford cloth button down, white sneakers, and a white tee is always a staple and can never go wrong.

Overall, the options for what to wear with blue shorts this spring and summer are numerous and vary from casual to preppy, allowing you to find the perfect outfit that suits your personal style.

Hey, my name is Matt Edward. My life changed when I started dressing better and taking care of my appearance. I wanted to share that enthusiasm and passion with you through these carefully curated and designed blog posts about men's fashion and lifestyle improvements. Cheers.

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